Therapeutic Services

At Thumbs Up Community Services, we offer professional therapeutic services to the participants under the NDIS plan either under the core supports or capacity building section.

As per your NDIS plan, we provide the following services-

Occupational Therapy

We provide Occupational Therapy services under the NDIS plan to assist the participants in achieving their developmental goals.

This service includes offering Home modifications, assistive technology, assessments and recommendations, assessment of personal support needs, assisting you with personal planning, employment evaluation and training services, and introducing therapies like play-based therapy for children to help them realise their potential, and achieve their developmental goals. The team at Thumbs Up Community Services believes in providing holistic support to its participants to help them live as independently as possible.


The experienced therapists at Thumbs Up Community Services provide physiotherapy to participants facing chronic conditions including but not limited to intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities like those arising post-surgical operations, and amputations, acquired brain surgeries, spinal cord injuries, and neurological injuries.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists provide holistic support to participants with disability, to communicate efficiently either verbally or by other forms of alternative communication , to be able to engage with family and friends, and other members of the community.

Availing speech therapy service under NDIS allows you to actively participate in academics and in professional and social environments.


We provide psychology services to participants with an active NDIS plan, to help you foresee your future goals, and work on it whilst relieving yourself from negative thoughts and minimising depression and anxiety from your life. Our psychologists would assist you in managing the mental health disorders by creating a plan and offering specialised support.