About Us

Who We Are

Thumbs Up Community Services is a registered NDIS provider, and Aged-Care service provider offering support services to the participants with an active NDIS plan, that encourages independent living and introduces the idea of being self-sufficient holistically.

We are a team of great listeners that understands the specific needs and goals of the participants and provides assistance in accordance with the same. We lay emphasis on helping you meet your goals, and plan your life ahead whilst being autonomous and living life to the fullest. Our qualified and experienced team offers support to individuals and families who require assistance, and we walk the extra mile to ensure that your goals are met.

With us, you would perceive life differently. We encourage, motivate and enlighten our participants with everything that needs to be incorporated in building efficient capacities for life skills, safety and well-being.

Vision Mission And Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one care provider for participants with a disability by building a strong foundation of trust and providing them with support tailored to their needs, thereby enabling them to live as independently as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide holistic support services to NDIS participants and their families whilst creating meaningful communities that stimulate growth.

Our Values

Our values are based on the 5 R'S:

  • Rights: We value the rights of our participants.
  • Requirement: We ensure to support participants as per their unique requirements.
  • Respect: We respect opinions, beliefs, and decisions of individuals.
  • Righteousness: We strive to follow moral principles and provide support accordingly.
  • Receptive: We are receptive to feedback from our participants and ensure to act upon it.
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